Archive | January 2012

Farmyard Friends

 Loppy the long eared bunny

Was hopping around in his pen

When he caught sight of a strange looking creature

Beatrice the hen.

Beatrice the hen was scratching around

Oblivious to the fox near by

As she carried on scratching unaware fox was watching

Until Lucy the pig, aware of the danger, took her to the safety of her sty

Lucy the pig loved playing in mud

It would help keep her cool in the heat of the sun

There would come Beatrice who thought it quite funny

Along with friend loppy, the long eared bunny


My Tea Towel Dolly

We couldn’t afford a real dolly

For my old doll’s pram

That’s why this one was special

I’m glad I had it I am.

Mum folded the tea towel neatly

To make it look good

To me it looked like a real dolly

As she knew it would.

Holding my dolly tightly

I loved it so much

Although it looked and felt different

And really soft to touch.

No one else had a tea towel dolly

They could call their very own

A really special dolly

That was mine and mine alone.

My One Moment of Madness

What could I do about my hair?

A perm I thought but would I dare

I looked in the mirror, what a mistake

What could I do for goodness sake.

I felt a bit top heavy

At the sight of all that hair

It looked like a Busby stuck on my head

Like the ones that soldiers wear.

I stuck it down with sellotape

To see if that might help

But when I tried to remove it

It really made me yelp.

Now when I get old and my minds not so good

And someone suggests a perm

Remember the past and what it was like

Then do a quick u-turn.

That Dog Poo Outside My Gate

It usually arrives quite early

Before we are awake

It’s something I could do without

That dog poo outside my gate.

Most owners take it away

While others make an escape

But I do wish they wouldn’t leave

That dog poo outside my gate.

How many of my neighbours

Have met with this same fate

Who wake up to discover

That dog poo outside their gate.

The Devon Mug

The Devon mug had a dark side

Only a few knew it’s past

Oh they’re drinking from the Devon mug

How long would the secret last.

What was the secret of the Devon mug

Known to only a few

To drink from the Devon mug not knowing

Would someone out there soon tell you.

All was revealed of the Devon mug

The secret out at last

So for those that know and those that now do know

Beware when drinking from the Devon mug, remember it’s past.