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Just To Say Hello


We made a visit today

Just to say hello

We left some flowers

Just so you’d know.


We’ll come again soon

Just to say hello

We’ll bring you all the news

For you, our friend, we use to know.


The Lighthouse


Fire burning, burning bright

Far out at sea this light shines bright

A light visible from afar

Shining like the bright north star.


The fog is dense, visibility poor

Where is that light we see no more?

A sound that tells us to stay clear

So close to danger far too near.


The lighthouse high upon the rocks

Is seen far out at sea

A flashing light, a warning to say

There’s danger close so stay away.

Open Mic Nights






Playing the piano, singing a song

A sole guitarist singing along

Listening and watching as musicians play

Giving it their all at the end of each day.


Sole artists, or groups of four

Sometimes a comedian and many more

These artists who play love what they do

Entertaining others like me and you.



How I Admire


How I admire people that can spell

And those that can drive in reverse

I find it frustrating

And so irritating

I just want to shout and curse.


To add and subtract

To divide and multiply

The four things I could never do

But the simpler things I can manage

Like one and one equals two.


To ride a bike seems easy

Until you try it out

If I could only keep my balance

Then I would cheer and shout.


You must think I’m quite dim after reading all this

But the truth of the answer is

I just enjoy the simple things

But deep down I’m really a wiz.


Time, what is time, wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop time just for a moment to give us time to reflect on the past to how quickly time has gone by. I remember my first day at infant school and how frightened I was, that was a long time ago.

There was once a time when I always wanted to be older than I was, when I was ten I always wanted to be fourteen, but sixteen would have been nicer, eighteen was a good year young and carefree, but twenty-one was better when everything became legal. At twenty-three I became a wife, then there was the two of us, that was nice. I became a mum, what joy that brought; I soon became a mum again, more joy but less time for myself, which made four of us. Four became five when time seemed to stand still forever. Our three children have brought us great joy; school friends would stay over, there were many birthday parties, I remember so well the Christmas Nativity plays and standing out in the cold watching football matches, cricket was better as the weather was warmer.

Then came the independence when children can do things for themselves. You have more time to spare and more time to think of the past and think how quickly time has gone by.

In the time it has taken to write these few words nearly a whole lifetime has gone by. So what is time.



The Inquistive Mouse


I watched this little creature

Rush and scurry about

If he gets much closer to that trap

He’ll meet his waterloo, no doubt.

That piece of cheese looked tasty

As he sniffed and looked around

Then gets a sniff of something else

Some bird seed on the ground.

Mm that’s different

I’ll have that if you please

Although no way as tasty

As that lovely piece of cheese.

So should he try to and take it

And no doubt risk his fate

Too late his friend has beat him to it

Now that cheese is safe to take.

I might Only be a Plant but…


They look at me, don’t they know, can’t they see

I might only be a plant, but…

I need tender love and care

I might only be a plant but…

Drooping flowers, drooping leaves

Take a look at me, what do you see

What does that say, too wet, too dry

Take a look at me, now you see.

I might only be a plant but…