Archive | March 2012

My First Car


My first car was a Morris Traveller

From Dorset to Gloucester we went

The thousands of miles travelled

I even drove it to Kent.


We had our scary moments

Some we laugh at still

Like overtaking a lorry

On a steep and windy hill.


Now whenever I see a Traveller

Especially the colour cream

I think of the one that we had

Today, a car rarely seen.


Our Trip To The Scilly Isles

We were on our annual visit to Cornwall, someone suggested taking a boat trip to the Scilly Isles, with apprehension I agreed. It was very windy day, I wasn’t sure if I wanted this or not. The crew from the ship were not sure either whether or not we would sail, but alas we did. Once on board it was too late. I held our youngest son Michael by my side, he was just four years old, and there was no way that I was going to let him go.

As soon as the engines started up so did my stomach, I had a bad feeling about this trip. My brother who was with us suggested we go for a drink, we ended up in the bar; the last place I wanted to be. I went up on deck for some air, what a mistake the water seemed to be coming right over the boat, my stomach was not good. We were being rocked from side to side, the bow disappeared under the water then the stern, I needed to find a toilet quickly I had never felt so ill. I had always suffered from travel sickness, but this was something different.

The toilets were quite full with everyone feeling the same it was quite dreadful, I seemed to have been in that toilet for ever. Poor Mike I felt so sorry for him, but I only had thoughts for myself. Then without warning he was gone, he had crawled under the door, seeing his mum with her head down the toilet was more than he could take. He soon found his dad and brothers and told them where he had been. I don’t know how long we were in those toilets but after what seemed a lifetime there was a knock at the door and someone saying they were coming to take us out of there. We were taken below deck right at the bottom of the boat where things seemed calmer. On the way I passed my brother who was smiling, I felt so dreadful.

Once we had disembarked I headed straight for a chemist for some travel sickness pills for our return journey. We stayed on the Scilly Isles for a few hours; I was just beginning to feel better when we had to do the whole thing all over again. One lady, who had been so ill refused to go by boat, instead flew back by helicopter. The travel sickness pills had made me feel quite sleepy so the journey back was fine.

My trip to the Scilly Isles which, was many years ago, is one trip that I will always remember for many reasons and when I look back and think about it I smile. One day I must overcome my fear of flying to see one of our sons, Kelvin who lives in Spain, now there’s another story.