Archive | April 2012

If I Had

If I had a head for number

I could add and take away

If I had an eye for colour

I’d know what went with grey.


If I had a sense of direction

I could get from A to B

If only I knew what I could give

The family for tea.


But what I do have is!

A sense of humour, wit and charm

Which in every day life

Does no one any harm.


Sat Nav


Sitting right beside me

Book of maps in hand

Is my human sat nav

The one I understand.


Turn off at junction seven

First left at round a bout

You can be sure we will arrive

Of that there is no doubt.


So when I need to travel

My sat nav is at hand

Sitting right beside me

With his book of maps at hand.

Flowers By The Roadside


Flowers by the roadside

Another life is lost

If only drivers cared more

And thought about the cost.


Life is so very precious

We only have one chance

To have it taken from us

Without a second glance.


To lose a life this way

Must surely be a crime

So look ahead before

You cross the centre line.


So when you’re out there driving

Please take extra care

Use your mirrors, keep your distance

This should safely get you there.


A sad but true statement