Archive | May 2012

Seatown in Dorset


Our four day camping holiday was, as we expected it to be, just wonderful, helped of course by the glorious weather. On our first morning we were woken by the sound of a pigeon cooing, I’m sure that he must have followed us from home. At night we were lulled to sleep by the sound of the incoming tide washing the shingle up and down the beach, hardly a hundred meters from our tent. This was indeed a very soothing sound.

As I write these words I look around and see other campers doing what we are doing and the sound of laughter as children played. The pigeon that woke us up on our first morning is still making himself heard some where in the trees above us. There is also the sound of sheep in fields all around us; it is such a peaceful place to be.

Tomorrow we will have to dismantle our canvas home of four days and head for home until next time.