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Thank You


Thank you for always being there

For all that you do

For the things that you say

For all this thank you.


For giving up your seat so that I can sit

For holding the door to let me through

For taking my hand

For all this, I say thank you.


Thank you, just a simple word

So easy to say

To show appreciation

Each and every day.


Life Without Love


What is life without love

Or with friend who care

Someone to talk to, to confide in

And to have secrets to share.

A shoulder to cry on

To say how we feel

To phone a friend

Or to share a meal.

To walk hand in hand through the park

Or share a picnic for two

To drink a glass of wine

With a look that says, I love you.

A friend is someone to talk to

To confide in, to share secrets

To dream and to love

Because no one should live life without love.

July 15th 2012


Today we visited some old friends to celebrate a Ruby Wedding. Some of these people we had not seen for over thirty years. While some were recognised instantly, others looked and felt like strangers; but almost at once it was like we had never been away. The greetings were amazing, with everyone hugging each other, talking of old times and how families were doing. The whole time was just so amazing, talking until well past midnight, with still more to say.

At breakfast time the talking continued on from the night before until it was time for us all to say goodbye once again.

Those twenty four hours made me appreciate the importance of what true friendship really means.


My Old Woolies Coat Hanger


How long had it been hanging there

Many years or more

My old Woolies coat hanger

Behind the wardrobe door.


Its price tag was pre decimal

So there’s a clue for sure

To just how long this coat hanger

Had been behind the wardrobe door.

Our Night in a Tent


The rain beat down

But he slept

The wind blew and the tent rocked

But still he slept.


I peeped outside, there was no one about

I looked at him fast asleep

It wasn’t fare, him lying there

With me awake and him asleep.


How could I wake him without a fuss

To say that I was worried, would he cuss

No not Bill, he would just say

It will be alright, trust me go to sleep, tomorrow is another day.

And it was