Archive | January 2013

Rescue Me

Wet and cold with no where to go

Eating scraps to stay alive

A room for the night is under a tree

Will I survive, I hope I survive.


How much longer can I cope?

Do I have the strength to carry on?

The rain is beating against my coat

Where am I going to where have I come from?


I’m tired and hungry now; I can’t go on

I’ll lay down by a tree

I wish somebody out there

Would come and rescue me.


I open my eyes, what do I see

A friendly smile, warm hands, warm face

Many hands comforting me now

I wag my tail, now I’m safe.




People coming and people going

But I’m still waiting

Coughing and sneezing, blowing noses

Why are people staring, why am I still waiting.


My turn next, hopefully

How much longer must I wait

Next time maybe, maybe not

I was before them, how much longer must I wait


I am called at last, my waiting is over

Now I must rush in case I’m late

The road is busy, too much traffic

Where is that bus, how much longer must I wait.

A Life in Bloom


A sign of life, soon to open

To face a world of colour and wonder

Gradually opening to a new beginning

A life in bloom, worth seeing.


An abundant of colour, rich in aroma

From within the centre grows

In all its glory the beauty shows

Standing tall the perfect pose.


All too soon life is over

Petals shrivel and fade

Fall to the ground, blown away by the wind

Until the cycle begins again.






Dark and dreary January cold

Oh to be home with a warm drink to hold

In front of the fire we sit and dream

Of warmer days, the sun to be seen.


January cold, the biting wind

Streaming eyes, but the birds still sing

Pavements are slippery, careful how we go

All through the night came the fall of snow.


The lighter evening will soon be here

Warmer days to make us cheer

The sound of the Cuckoo, the sign of spring

But until then the January sting.