Archive | March 2013

I Had Never Felt So Awful


I woke up this morning with a really bad head

So buried it in the pillow and vowed to stay in bed

I had never felt so awful, I just didn’t feel right

Never again not after last night.


What happened, where did we go

How did I get home, did we go to a show

I looked in the mirror what a sight

Even the poor cat took off in fright.


I looked up at the ceiling

It was going round and round

My head kept going funny

Each time my feet touched the ground.


Next time I’m asked out I’ll decline and say

I’m sorry my hair needs a wash

I’ll put on the telly and turn off the phone

And enjoy a night in on my own.




Nestled among trees a house so divine

Built from an era of a bygone time

Tranquil surroundings hidden from view

A home of dreams for us two.


Deer, Pheasant, Peacocks

Wildlife galore

These were our neighbours

That passed our front door.


A walk through parkland

This tranquil place

Heavenly surroundings

Living a leisurely pace.


What better place could there be

To live a life in harmony

With wildlife all around

Perfect, idyllic not a sound.