Archive | June 2013

Summer Delights


Early morning chorus

Wildlife at play

Breakfast on the patio

A perfect summer day.


Lakeside lunch with breathtaking views

Mothers with ducklings in one’s and two’s

Watching a blackbird taking a bath

Then looking for food that had dropped on the path.


The enjoyment and pleasure summertime brings

The joy of listening to birds that sings

Summertime can brings new heights

Just some of our summer delights.


Our Garden


The sound of the waterfalls as they trickled down

The sight of the many colours in this garden all around

The sound of the grasses as they russell in the breeze

And that of the wind chimes nestling in the trees.


The secret garden hidden from view

Water cascading down in front of you

The sweet smell of the honey suckle looking good enough to eat

Dozing and daydreaming on an old garden seat.


The taste of the strawberries delicious to eat

The plums and the blackberries, the perfect treat

The sight of the blackbird taking his bath

Then eating a strawberry that had dropped on the path.


The wonderful smell of the Lavender

A Berberis the colour of wine

As you look all around at the sights and the smells

In this garden so truly divine.