Archive | July 2016

What’s his Name

He was always known as “What’s his name”
Who lived just up the street?
He always had a cheery smile
To all those he would meet.

Then one day “What’s his name” was gone
No one knew to where
All did stop to wonder
For the one that showed such care.
For now in the local churchyard

His name was revealed as Pete
But he will always be remembered as “What’s is name”
Who lived just up the street?



How many those are standing?
Have seen one hundred years
All the wars that there has been
And the shed of many tears.

In wintertime bleak and bare
Spring and summer full of leaf and bloom
Many stories can be told of these
Where romances were made and some ended too soon.

Through time they have witnessed in silent
Wars and tragedies, love and heartache
Many secrets they will carry with them
To the end of their lives, where secrets they will take.

A Pauper Boy

His shoes were odd one brown one black
On his back an old wool sack
His shabby look was plain to see
So who would care for he?

But this pauper boy had so much more
Than all that wealth could buy
His smile could launch a thousand ships
And light up a grey dark sky.

From within this pauper boy
Gave so much to all
With eyes so bright and a smile so wide
His magic touch he wore with pride.

25th May 2015

With all his worldly goods
In his trolley he would push
Walking along to who knows where
Not in any rush.

Where will his bed be this night
Where might he lay his head
a shop doorway, a cardboard box
Or a soft comfy bed.

Who would look as he walked along
With his worldly goods in tow
Who would care, who would notice
Who would Know.