Those Legs

They have walked many miles

Climbed hills and over styles

Played football and cricket

Even taken the odd wicket.


They have dug many gardens

And mown many lawns

Used to push wheel barrows

Walked through fields of corn.


Those legs are still working

Perhaps not quite as fast

But still they are going

Long may they last.






I Had Never Felt So Awful


I woke up this morning with a really bad head

So buried it in the pillow and vowed to stay in bed

I had never felt so awful, I just didn’t feel right

Never again not after last night.


What happened, where did we go

How did I get home, did we go to a show

I looked in the mirror what a sight

Even the poor cat took off in fright.


I looked up at the ceiling

It was going round and round

My head kept going funny

Each time my feet touched the ground.


Next time I’m asked out I’ll decline and say

I’m sorry my hair needs a wash

I’ll put on the telly and turn off the phone

And enjoy a night in on my own.



Nestled among trees a house so divine

Built from an era of a bygone time

Tranquil surroundings hidden from view

A home of dreams for us two.


Deer, Pheasant, Peacocks

Wildlife galore

These were our neighbours

That passed our front door.


A walk through parkland

This tranquil place

Heavenly surroundings

Living a leisurely pace.


What better place could there be

To live a life in harmony

With wildlife all around

Perfect, idyllic not a sound.

The Lost Smile


Where is the smile that I saw just now

Where did you leave it, where did it go

Wipe away those tears, wipe them dry

Bring back your smile, please don’t cry.


Shall we go and find it

The smile you seem to have lost

I’m sure it’s just around the corner

We’ll find it whatever the cost.


With your smile back in place, the tears gone

The delight is seen in your eyes

Next time keep it in your pocket, that smile of yours

For when those tears come back to your eyes.

To Say Sorry

Sorry, such a simple word easy to say

To regret to amend what was said

To make an apology, to say sorry

For what was said.


So why do some find it difficult

To say this simple word

To make others smile and appreciate

To make someone’s day, such a simple word to say.

The Empty House

The house was empty it felt cold

The life that was here had gone

There was dust on the windows

Where the sun had once shone.


The pictures on the walls

The chairs around the table where people sat

The sound of chatter

The footmarks on the mat.


It’s difficult to imagine

That this house was once a home

In the fields and meadows

Where children would roam?


But soon there will be life again

Put back in these four walls

With brightness, cheer and laughter

And children playing games of football.



Rescue Me

Wet and cold with no where to go

Eating scraps to stay alive

A room for the night is under a tree

Will I survive, I hope I survive.


How much longer can I cope?

Do I have the strength to carry on?

The rain is beating against my coat

Where am I going to where have I come from?


I’m tired and hungry now; I can’t go on

I’ll lay down by a tree

I wish somebody out there

Would come and rescue me.


I open my eyes, what do I see

A friendly smile, warm hands, warm face

Many hands comforting me now

I wag my tail, now I’m safe.